5 Things a Website Needs


not gonna beat around the bush. We all know every small business needs a website.

But it’s more than that. It’s not just having a small business website, but having one that performs and operates for the best user experience to gain results.

I’ve compiled up 5 things you’ll need for your small business website. This article is for self-hosted WordPress website users.


1. On-Page SEO (search engine optimization)

Majority of cases, what’s the first thing someone does when they need a service? They search for it on Google.

So you’ll want to optimize every page on your website to start ranking in Google search. You want anybody and everybody to find your small business website when searching google, right?

Some basic factors play a role in optimizing for certain keywords and or phrases.

  • Your Title
  • Your Page Link
  • Your Page Headings
  • Your Image Info
  • Your Meta Description

This is fairly easy to do with some time, effort and some handy WordPress plugins.

You can slowly learn more advanced on-page SEO as you go.

On-Page SEO doesn’t have to be complicated and if you have any questions feel free to contact Goparel.!


2. Make It Simple To Follow

Beginners like to make the mistake of adding to much confusing content. I’m a fan of content but make sure to double check it. Does it make sense?

Each page on your small business website should be easy to read and understand. Send your visitors through an easy and effective sales process.


I’ve listed a few things that need to be clear and understandable:


  • Registering on your website
  • Filling out a form on your website
  • Making a purchase on your website


WordPress has many helpful plugins to guide you through this and you can always reach out to Goparel. for more assistance.


3. Strong Positioning

Your small business website needs to excite, ignite and make an impact! So why you? What separates you from them?

You need to find this and maximize on it. Things like branding and customer relationships will help play a part in strong positioning. Writing some good copy and placing it in the best spots on your website will help encourage user engagement.

You can also use your off-page branding for inspiration.

Think of it like this:

Are you the “clothes shop around town” or “the coolest place to grab the hottest gear in town”?

When you find and maximize on your business’s special quality, it will help position your small business website and create a buzz along the way!


4. Mobile Friendly

This is common sense but sometimes forgotten. The importance of a mobile-friendly website is tremendous. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices you’ll be missing out on at least a third of potential online sales. That’s a lot!

This can be achieved fairly easy with the right WordPress theme and or website designer. Responsive WordPress themes are a dime a dozen. So when researching your next WordPress theme make sure it’s responsive or move on to the next.

Make sure to double check your work and others.

5. Client Testimonials 

This one’s very helpful for your small business website. You need to ask for reviews and then share those reviews with the public. I suggest Google Reviews for this. You can’t cheat the system and users know it. Facebook Reviews can also help.

You can create your own reviews page to display them. You can add sections on your site to direct a customer to leave one. Find out what’s best for your certain niche.


Show off your best results with photos and more. 

The end result will be a huge impact on your small business website. Proof of your products and services will start to help increase your overall business.