If you’re looking for a passive way to stack some satoshis then Adslice is the perfect plug-in!

Adslice pays you for viewing banner ads that they embed in your browser as you surf the Web as opposed to the Brave browser-styled pop-up ads.

Adslice Banner in the top right corner

They allow you to control how frequently you see these ads as you browse, which is a nice level of control.

And they also have multiple payout options including Paypal and the Lightning Network.

If you’re a streamer you can connect your Adslice account to your Twitch and Streamlabs account so that both you and your viewers can get some sats in your ZEEBEEDEE Lightning wallets!

The Slices that you earn overtime determine your payout, and they do make you wait at least 30 days before the first withdrawal to help deter bad actors

The way the system is set up feels a lot like Swagbucks but with Bitcoin Lightning Network integration, which for me makes the whole thing a lot more attractive.

If you sign up for Adslice using my invite link below, you can get 100 free slices after 30 days of activity on the platform:

And as you see it took me a week to get that first 100 with the add frequency on high, so it takes some work to get your first 100 slices…

But get the plugin and start stacking those sats. Adslice is one of the few passive ways to earn crypto, can’t let this one get away!

Stack those Sats Fam!



Original Post: https://peakd.com/bitcoin/@bigtakosensei/earn-passive-bitcoin-browsing-the-web-with-adslice

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