Goparel & NyteWolf 1 of 1 Collab

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This article is going to be about our second official collab in our new schema called, yep you guessed it, collab! The collab with NyteWolf and Goparel consists of 1 high-quality, 1-of-1, digital art piece or as we know and call them, NFTs.

NyteWolf is the master of 22 and amazing at giveaways with dope art!

He loves the wax community and goes above and beyond for them. His collections and artwork come with detail, meaning, & more. We’re honored to have him be our second collab in our new Schema, collab! Note: Top 3 Bidders will earn prizes! The top prize is his own method of making 2 and burning 1, the #1 that is. It’s all about 2! He even chose 22 days for the auction! It’s going to be fire! Make sure to head over before the original auction ends but stratagize as the timing is a bit decent. Will be a fun one! Original Template, Mint, & Auction Start Time: 9/22/2022 at 2:22 pm est time!

Check out NyteWolf NFTs, They’re full of Good Vibes!


Thanks for reading and please share to help spread awareness about this live nft auction!