Goparel & SenorLupe 1 of 1 Collab

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This article is going to be about our third official collab in our new schema called, yep you guessed it, collab! The collab with SenorLupe and Goparel consists of 1 high-quality, 1-of-1, digital art piece or as we know and call them, NFTs.

SEÑORLUPE is a master of his craft! The Chummy PFP’s & other artwork are all Super Stunning!

SEÑORLUPE is always on Twitter spreading the love to the Wax Blockchain community! His Hey Amigos, Frens, & No Scare warm us all! We’re honored to have him be our third collab in our new Schema, collab! Note: Top 3 bidders and the first 3 bidders will receive some nfts for participating. Valid only for the first original auction that is taking place with the time stated at the bottom of this article. The artwork comes from the Chummy Series and looks amazing on a custom Tie-Dye by Goparel to share on the blockchain for the world to see. This auction will last for 2 weeks so strategize accordingly but remember the first 3 bidders earn nfts so don’t wait too long! Original Template & Mint Time: 9/30/2022 at 12:00 am est time! Original Auction Start Time: 9/30/2022 at 4:20 am est time!

 Check out SEÑORLUPE NFTs & more below!


Thanks for reading and please share to help spread awareness about this live nft auction!