What are the WAX Wolves?

The WAX Wolves are a pack of dominant animals that hunt on the WAX Blockchain. They protect and serve the fine users of WAX with help and knowledge. They make their voices heard and stand out in a crowd. They howl, they bite, they play, they fight.


The WAX Wolves are a Wolf Pack of great community members. A place for everyone to share ideas, express thoughts, speak their mind, and be heard.


The WAX Wolves have been digitally hand drawn, in-house, by us. We have not outsourced anything. This allows us to give you full IP Rights as a holder.


We bring a fun and new way to explore PFP NFTs on the WAX Blockchain. We’ve created fun ways to utilize the WAX Wolves and we encourage IPR collaborations.


The WAX Wolves provide IP Rights and see visions with others. A dominant force encouraging collaboration through IPR. Let’s all thrive together on WAX.



Visit The WAX Wolves Wolf Den!

WAX Wolves Wolf Den

Join the WAX Wolves Wolf Den where all WAX users can discuss their WAX Wolves and other projects. Find upcoming events, friends, trade requests, and more. Tell us about all your WAX Wolves backstories, plans, and goals. Gain answers to all your questions on your mind. No more messages buried in Discord or Telegram rooms. Everyone is heard, seen, and respected in the WAX Wolves Wolf Den. WAX Wolves are loud and love making noise. Join the WAX Wolves Den to get involved in the conversations. We also host live spaces for the WAX Wolves, learn more about that and be heard in the WAX Wolves Wolf Den.

What The Wolves Offer

The WAX WOLVES are here to provide value and fun to the WAX Blockchain. Look below at all the benefits you’ll receive as a WAX Wolves Wolf Pack community member.

Note: see the den for all details.


One lucky member of the WAX Wolves will receive a physical item shipped to their location. Global shipping will be provided.


One lucky member of the WAX Wolves will receive a custom 1 of 1 WAX Wolf. This item will be 100% unique traits nobody owns.


The WAX Wolves have farms on WaxDao where NFTs can be staked to earn WAXP currency. Each farm will connect to related schemas.


Fifty lucky members of the WAX Wolves will receive WAX Wolves craft NFTs. Craft for WAX Werewolves at the end of our PFP cycle.


Every month we’ll run a Twitter space and let users discuss and talk about current events in the WAX Wolves Wolf Pack. Wolves get loud.


Every month we’ll update our website to reflect the top WAX Wolves holders and give them the recognition they deserve. Extra rewards.


WAX Wolves are completely free to be used on merch and what have you. Holders gain full rights to their PFP(s). You truly own your NFT(s).


We appreciate all the discords and telegrams but we’d like to take it a step further and provide a whole forum where you can really dig in the den.


All WAX Wolves help the Wolf Pack. The community speaks for itself on WAX and we’re always available to answer any questions.


The Wolf Pack is Ready for your Arrival.

What are you waiting on? Join the WAX Wolves and become an elite and dominant force in the WAX Blockchain ecosystem. The pack will grow in strength and numbers. Get loud!