Goparel Gaming Is Now Active

Hey Reader!

Thanks for being here!

So we like to game and have wanted to stream but our speeds just weren’t up to par. Lucky for us fiber optics is now available in our area and we’re all hooked up! (p.s. we can refer you and we both get $50 bucks btw lol, email us or open a support ticket for more details) We have been testing our streaming capabilities with our new fiber optics internet and now our speeds are pretty high, for our standards. 1gbps line with wifi speeds reaching the same. We’re all wired up and ready to stream now. We have done multiple streams so far and everything has worked out great. We have even been streaming other events we support and like. We’ve thought about streaming other types of stuff so if you have ideas please reach out. For now, you can catch us streaming on youtube and we will be adding twitch soon! Thanks for reading!