LEEF Token Spotlight

First off thank you for being here!

This article is going to take a dive into the LEEF Token on the Wax Blockchain.

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The LEEF Token is a (POT) proof of text algorithm that works wonders with Telegram, Discord, & more coming soon!

So what exactly is (POT) proof of text algorithm? Just like (POW) proof of work, (POS) proof of stake & others, it’s the algorithm chosen for LEEF.

A simple way to put it, it’s a token on the Wax Blockchain.


Because it’s super fun that’s why! You can set up LEEF Miner in your Telegram room and let users chat (including yourself) and earn LEEF for doing so. It’s pretty simple, we’ve enabled it in ours (Goparel Official Telegram) and whenever we have a question about the system, they quickly help. Someone is always available to help but to be honest you shouldn’t need much help as you’ll see below it’s all spread out for you.

How easy is that?

The project is run by 3 great people. We have known one of them (DanishCrypto) for a long time and the other two, in the past few months in their Telegram Group, LEEFmaincorp . That is also where we really got to know DanishCrypto even better who introduced us to Snappeh and Doge, the other two involved in the project. Both Snappeh and Doge love programming and creating cool tools for people. They enjoy gaming and Blockchain development. Snappeh always has something funny to say and Doge is quick to set the tone on a service or product. Danish is the community manager of LEEF and does promotions and more to help spread the word about this project. But that is just touching a small base with all three.
I’ll let them tell you their favorite food or video game. Join The Mota Room and meet them yourself!
All 3 have ties to other projects and communities. They work hard daily to bring great tools and projects for places like the Wax Blockchain. We (Carly & I) have spent a lot of time in their Telegram Room utilizing the LEEF system by chatting and listening in to their tech talks. They’re some smart individuals if ya catch my drift lol A great team deserves a spotlight on our website for great people doing great things on the Wax Blockchain! LEEF can be exchanged at all the major swaps on the Wax Blockchain and more coming soon. If you’d like to reward your users with LEEF you can set up a miner by following these steps! Localized Entertainment & Education Fed token (LEEF) is a POT-based token meaning proof of text algorithm. As covered before the token can be earned by texting/chatting/typing on Telegram, Discord, and more.
  1. Check out LEEFs main website here, Leeftoken.io
  2. Download telegram from telegram.org
  3. Make a user, set a username, and go start the LEEF Miner bot
  4. Start the LEEF Miner Bot using t.me/leefminerbot
  5. Send command /reguser YourWaxAddress
  6. Now you’re earning LEEF by texting in all active LEEF chats.
If you wanna become a Mine OPR you will need to add the bot to your group (you need to be the owner to start a mine) and make it admin with a minimum of 15 members in your telegram chat and stake leef to start the earning.
  1. add https://t.me/leefminerbot to your group
  2. send command /sync
  3. send command /regchat
  4. check the minimum stake to start a mine by /leefprice
  5. go to leefstaker.io and stake leef

If you don’t have leef already you can buy LEEF on alcor.exchange, wax.defibox.io, swap.tacocrypto.io, and more.

Below you can see all the codes for LEEF.
  1. /leefbal (show the balance from your wallet and what you have staked to leefstaker.io
  2. /shopbal (shows your earned token there can be a claim or used to buy NFTs from the in-bot shop)
  3. /claimleef (claims the shopbal leef earn minimum 10k claim withdraw)
  4. /chatrooms (shows all active leef mines)
  5. /listitem collection name (will show you all the NFTs for sale from that this collection)
  6. /buyitem collection name + template id (using your shopbal to buy NFTs)
  7. /usestaketobuy collection name + template id /using your staked leef to buy NFTs)
  8. /magictransfer @username amount (person 2 person transfer of leef from your stake to there`s)
  9. /gameontest 2-100 (a little mini-game in dm to the leefbot)
  10. /minepower (shows chat pool %)
  11. /leeffall @username or active amount (tips one person or all active users from the last hour)
  12. /roomstakers (show people there have staked leef to your group to boost their mining)
  13. /chatbase (shows how much base leef earnings are and what you get per message) and this goes up the more people there are active
  14. /myroomstakes (shows all rooms you staked to)
  15. /userpower (shows your % of the pool)
  16. /activeusers (active users in the last hour)
  17. /operatorbal (shows you what you as an OPR have made for people chatting)
  18. /claimoperation (claim your OPR-made tokens from your mine)
To start using the telegram leef bot shop
You’ll need to add leefhopperio to your collection on atomic Neftyblocks or NFThive as authorized accounts like you do to make drops or packs from the other markets.
  • /additem collection name
  • /additem collection name + template id + price in wax
for example
  • /additem collectionName template ID 20 WAX
    that would put the price in whatever 20 wax is in leef at all times
If you wanna update or change prices run the command again with the new price.
  • /deleteitem collectionName Template ID
That’s it!
You’re all set up now!

We do hope you check out Leefstaker.io and have enjoyed this spotlight on the LEEF project.If you have any questions contact DanishCryptoDKYour Friends,𝔾𝕆ℙ𝔸ℝ𝔼𝕃 & Gσραяєℓ Ρ‚ΞΉΡ”βˆ‚ΡƒΡ” from Goparel